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Latin Lovelies! (Part 1)

Added: November 29, 2013,     Clips: 10

The number of beautiful Latin American actresses that have worked in Hollywood and beyond down the decades is almost incalculable - right back to classic Hollywood eras to the present day, actress after actress has emerged and dazzled us with her beauty and spice!

Over the course of a couple of playlists, I hope to find some of the most stunning Latin American actresses currently working. Why not let us know if you agree or disagree with our choices?

Underrated A To Z - C

Added: November 6, 2013,     Clips: 10

Picking up where we left off as we trawl the alphabet and try and pick out some of the actresses and babes from each of the letters of the alphabet.

While I worry about the day when I have to do 'Q' and 'X', let's have a look at 'C' today. Here we find a pre-I Spit On Your Grave actress nude in happier scenes, a Buffy star in the buff, and a Bond girl baring way more than she ever would be able to in her most famous role.....

The Best of True Blood

Added: September 17, 2013,     Clips: 11

If you have not started watching True Blood yet then you are going to have to start looking at some of these clips! With a splendid array of beautiful actresses who don't think twice about getting nude, it is clearly my kind of show to say the very least - and I think it would be yours! Vampires are not usually my thing but this persuaded me!

That is probably because it looks as though True Blood is more about sex than it is about bloodsucking - and that is exactly what it is!

Underrated A To Z - B

Added: August 20, 2013,     Clips: 10

Continuing our A to Z journey into the (relatively) unknown as we select some more babes that we think should be seen and adored by more people.

Today, Bonnie Sveen gets the strap, Barbara Bach shows what Bond got his hands on and Blanchard Ryan opens up before hitting the open water. All that and more!

Underrated A To Z - A

Added: August 9, 2013,     Clips: 10

In a series that we hope that you will enjoy, over the next few months we will be going through the A to Z of the fabulous selection of celebrities we have here on Ultimate Celebs and picking out some of the unsung babes in the selection.

There are many of them, admittedly, but we hope to show you some girls that could become your brand new favourites. No, don't ask us what we're going to do when we get to Q and X....

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